Family Entertainer Links

Mr. Brian and The Boppets
"Why Wiggle When You Can Rock?" - Mr. Brian rocks kids of every age
with the help of his life-size puppets called the "Boppets."

Page Turner Adventures
Kenny Mikey and Riley Roam have created Page Turner Adventures -
Story Telling infused with Vaudeville.

John Tudor
Magician extrordinaire, John Tudor amazes audiences of all ages.

Mark Lippard
Mark is one of the great jugglers in America
with a fun shows that get everyone involved.

Steve Brogan
Steve Brogan - hilarious comedian and ventriloquist
entertaining all ages.

Imagination Movers
America's hottest new band for the younger set.
It's Mr. Rogers meets the Beastie Boys - and do they rock!

Poppycock and Balderdash.
Richard Renner and his array of characters entertain every audience they meet.

Mark Weiner with Weinerville
Star of Nickelodeon and stages across the country.
Crazy fun for the whole family.

Bugs And Balloons
Incredible balloon sculptures and storytelling together with amazing bug costumes.
Fun and inspiring.

Steve Trash
Steve worked with me in Mobile, AL, at BayFest.
He has a great magic show with an emphasis on recycling and taking take of the environment.

Dan LeMonnier - Welcome To Folksongs and Foolery
I met Dan at the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival.
He tells great stories, sings great songs, and plays a great banjo.
In his spare time, he's "Bennie the Bull" the mascot for the Chicago Bulls.

The Dazzling Mills Family
Incredibly talented family who juggle, ride unicylces, do magic, and make you laugh.
We worked together at the Ohio State Fair and Main Street Festival in Ft. Worth, TX.

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