Feeling OK

Let's have a good time, let's have some fun
Let's have a good time for everyone
Come on and join us come on and play
We'll all be Feeling OK

It starts with me, it starts with you
Everybody's got one part to do
You can do your part, I can do mine
And we'll all be feeling just fine

We'll be Feeling OK, (ok), OK, (ok), OK, (ok)
And we've just begun
Feeling OK, (ok), OK, (ok), OK, (ok)
So let's have some fun.

It's so easy, if I can, so can you
Just do the best you can do
It's so easy, come on and play
And show me the sign when you say

I'm feeling OK, OK, OK
And we've just begun
Feeling OK, OK, OK
So let's have some fun

Words and Music by Rick Hubbard
Copyright 1998 Frederick T. Hubbard Music,BMI All Rights Reserved.
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